The countdown for the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2024 has officially begun! Join us on September 5, 2024, at Berns in Stockholm for a day of inspiration, collaboration, and innovation.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead requires more than just keeping pace – it demands forward-thinking strategies and adaptable solutions. That’s why the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2024 is dedicated to exploring the latest trends, technologies, and best practices shaping the future of supply chain management.

Participate in engaging keynote presentations, networking, and an interactive Q&A to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate today’s new era.

Who is speaking at the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2024?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our keynote speakers at the conference:

Alexandra Stråberg, Länsförsäkringar: Outsight for Insight

In today’s interconnected world, maintaining a global perspective is paramount for business success. Alexandra Stråberg, Chief Economist at Länsförsäkringar , will shed light on how global events impact businesses at national, regional, and local levels. Through her presentation on ”Outsight for Insight,” Alexandra will illustrate the complex yet crucial link between global events and everyday operations, empowering attendees to navigate and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Jonas Kjellberg, NORNORM: Embracing Cracking the code of circularity  

Sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity for companies worldwide. Jonas Kjellberg, from NORNORM, will delve into the importance of embracing circularity in today’s business landscape. Drawing from NORNORM’s innovative subscription-based furnishing service, Jonas will demonstrate how circular business models can revolutionize industries, minimize waste, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Micael Dahlen, Professor of Wellbeing: A Small Talk on Happiness

Join Micael Dahlén for an enlightening discussion on happiness and its impact on our personal and professional lives. As a Professor of Wellbeing, Micael will share scientifically proven tips and tricks to enhance happiness and creativity. Through his engaging presentation, attendees will discover actionable strategies to find greater fulfillment and satisfaction in life, relationships, and careers.

How to Register for the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2024

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to network with peers, learn from the best, and gain actionable insights to drive your supply chain forward. The tickets are free but the space is limited, so secure your spot today!

For registration and more information, visit our conference website.

See you at the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2024!

As the year comes to an end, we look back on all the important things we’ve learned in 2023. The supply chain industry keeps going through changes, making it important for businesses to stay updated with the latest trends and smart ways of operating.

During this year, we have shared a lot of knowledge and expertise about supply chain. In case you’ve missed it, we have summarized our three most popular articles from this year. Check them out and happy reading!

The time to embrace supply chain is now

The world has changed a lot recently, with a global pandemic, wars, and economic uncertainties. This has made it crucial for businesses to rethink how they handle their supply chains. Companies are moving away from just focusing on cost and looking more at reducing risk, improving speed, and ensuring sustainability. Shifting to local supply chains might seem like a solution, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all fix. Want to know more? Read the full article here       

7 Global Supply Chain Trends in 2023

In this new global environment, businesses also need to adapt to emerging trends. In this article, you will find important shifts in supply chain strategies, emphasizing the paradigmatic move from cost-centric approaches to risk awareness. It highlights trends such as reshoring, differentiation, and the growing importance of sustainability and transparency. These trends signal a transformative era where supply chain design and digitalization take the center stage. Maybe these trends will follow us into 2024? Read the full article here.

Discover the Potential of Your Inventory Through Smart Supply Chain Planning

Are you struggling with balancing inventory? You are certainly not alone. Balancing inventory in a changing market has become a big challenge for Nordic businesses. But there’s good news: smart planning can help you make the most of your stock and improve your supply chain. Read the full article to understand how, so you can pave the way for supply chain success.

Thank you for an incredible year filled with valuable supply chain insights. We’re looking forward to what 2024 has to bring. Are you looking for any other information about Optilon? You can find more information on our web page or get social with us on LinkedIn. Make sure to follow us there so you don’t miss any news, tips, or opportunities. 

Supply chain has always been a vital aspect of business operations, but recent worldwide events have highlighted just how critical it is. How can companies take advantage of this new supply chain era? Can AI and robotics revolutionize the industry? How does China shape the future of trade? That’s just some of the topics that were discussed during the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023, held September 7 in Stockholm.  

With the theme “From Boring to Boardroom,” the conference delved deep into the world of supply chain management, showcasing its critical role in today’s ever-changing business landscape. One key finding was that there is now a strong human component to an industry that is very much tech orientated. Storytelling is and will be a big part to this multi-dimensional aspect of supply chains forward.  

The conference had a lineup of distinguished speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities that left all of us inspired and empowered. Did you miss the event? Here is a recap! 


The conference welcomed over 250 supply chain professionals, eager to gain insights into the future of supply chain management. The day started off with a thought-provoking keynote by Christina Boutrup, who shed light on “The China Factor” and how it shapes the future of trade.   

Throughout the day, attendees were treated to a diverse range of perspectives and expertise from industry leaders:  

Katarina Blomkvist, in her session on “Building the Supply Chains of Tomorrow”, emphasized the importance of innovation and adaptability in supply chain management.  

Jesper Metz from H&M discussed “How Supply Chain Analytics Create Clarity and End-to-End Optimization”, showcasing the power of data-driven decision-making.  

Danica Kragic from KTH delved into “Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”, highlighting both the hopes and challenges they present for the future of supply chain management.  

Nicklas Jonsson from Exeger explored how they revolutionized the field with Powerfoyle – a unique solar cell that transforms all forms of light into electrical energy. 

Patrik Johansson from Stora Enso shared an inspiring success story about projects that included machine learning for network optimization. He also presented how you can exceed expectations demonstrating how innovation can push boundaries through creativity.


The conference also hosted an expert panel discussion that explored how supply chain management has evolved from a boring topic into a critical boardroom discussion. The panel included Unni Olldén (Synsam Group), Gabriella Norén (AIRA), Richard Molin (Höganäs), and Jens Stenquist (Optilon), offering valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the supply chain industry.


One of the standout features of the conference was the networking sessions. Attendees had the chance to connect with like-minded professionals together with good food and bubbly drinks.  We heard discussions about everything from how companies retrieve their inventory to how e-commerce affects supply chain planning. You could really feel the atmosphere in the room – it was electric.  


As the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023 concluded, attendees left with renewed enthusiasm. The event showcased that supply chain management is no longer perceived as “boring” but rather as a dynamic field driving innovation. 


In case you missed this conference, or want to share it with a colleague, we have gathered all the inspiring keynote presentations and the panel discussion and will launch it soon! Follow us on LinkedIn if you want to be the first one to know when the recordings are live. 

Supply chain consultants at Optilon have been helping Nordic companies become the most competitive in the world since 2005. After years of growth and an increased Finnish demand for the company’s services, Optilon is now opening its new office in Finland.

Optilon helps companies use their resources where they are most useful by combining leading technology and Nordic expertise in supply chain management. This includes simplifying and strengthening complex distribution chains and creating more optimal product flows, which in turn leads to less unnecessary resource consumption, less carbon footprint, and increased profitability and a smaller environmental impact. This has become increasingly sought after at a time when global trade and global distribution chains have been challenged by pandemics and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Since its inception, Optilon has experienced strong growth, with steadily increasing sales figures. To meet customer needs, the company is now opening a new office in Helsinki, Finland.

– We have worked with Finnish companies for many years, but now we are scaling up our ambitions even further. Our goal is to double our turnover in Finland. By opening our first physical office in Helsinki, we can even better meet the needs of our existing customers, while fully focusing on winning new assignments. With this, we are also in need of recruiting new talents to the Finnish market, says John Wikström, Sales & Account Manager Finland at Optilon, responsible for establishing the company in Finland.

Supply chain management has risen higher on the agenda as many companies actively work to create more robust and sustainable flows. In fact, value chain emissions account for up to 70% of a company’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to UN estimates. Therefore, Optilon is now also strengthening its sustainability offering.

– We want to be where our customers are and help them solve their biggest challenges. For many, it is specifically reducing emissions from the supply chain. By measuring and including their emissions data from the start, designing with that in mind, and constantly optimizing their supply chain to reduce emissions, a company can make enormous climate gains. And we want to help them with that, both in Finland and in the Nordics, says John Wikström.

About Optilon:

Optilon is a consulting firm that helps its customers use their resources where they are most useful by combining world-leading technology with Nordic expertise in supply chain management. Optilon was founded in 2005 and is today active throughout the Nordic region with offices in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

For further information please contact:

John Wikström
Sales & Account Manager Finland
Ph: +358 400992919

Tea Grbic
Brand & Marketing Lead
Ph: +46 761029751

Join us at the Optilon Supply Chain Conference 2023!

Learn from experts and supply chain leaders, and discover innovative solutions to help you stay ahead of the game. This event is free but there are limited tickets available.