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Customer Case: Orthex

Orthex Group, a leading manufacturer of household products in the Nordic, operates in a sector where the customers have high demands on short lead times and on-time delivery. When unexpected large orders are common and the company growth increases supply chain complexity, it puts pressure on the production planning process and the planners involved.


  • Company growth and increasing supply chain complexity
  • Previous planning method was not sustainable with the resources at hand
  • A planning system that would not meet the future requirements

Solutions: Compass



  • Faster and smoother planning process
  • Time freed up for exception analysis
  • Increased sense of 100% control
  • Happier production planners with more versatile work days

The Challenge

For Orthex, unexpected large orders are very common and usually have a short delivery time between 48 hours and a week. Such short lead times require a production flexibility and an ability for quick adaption. To ensure customer satisfaction and product availability, a streamlined production is of most importance. As Orthex has grown, also the production and factory planning has become more complex and time-consuming.

Prior to using Compass, Orthex had been using another production planning application. Since the previous software was implemented, the demand for a modern planning application had increased. Orthex now needed more functionality, a higher level of automation and the ability to plan the production for a multisite network on an operational, as well as a tactical level. To secure a sustainable growth while keeping the same number of employees in the planning and purchasing department, Orthex took the decision to start looking for a more modern planning application. This would bring the ability to plan ahead instead of catching up on orders, and to find a partner and solution to grow together with rather than grow apart from.





To read the full customer case, download the PDF below.