Capacity for change

Capacity for lightning speed change in digital era

Tea Grbic Optilon
Brand & Marketing Lead

Capacity for change in a digital era: Effectively integrating the learnings from Covid-19
As the Covid-19 storm pulled up, the world closed down, and companies found new ways of working. In a few days actually companies carried through radical changes in the way they work. Changes that would have taken months before or years. Everyone was affected and had to go lightning fast to adapt. The burning platform was a triggering factor. But what concrete handles were pulled in and that made the companies adjust with lightning speed?

Birgitte Clausen from will inspire us in this session. She has been in charge of Denmark’s largest, qualitative study on the experience of capacity for change during the shutdown. The study is called Corona Change Capacity Project. The study shows that the capacity for change is made possible by micro-adjustments in the way we work, lead and organize us on. It also shows that most of these micro-adjustments can be easily integrated in daily work. Birgitte will inspire us to what capacity for change is all about, what she has found in the study and how these micro adjustments can be integrated into the way we work, lead and organize us.

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