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Everything you need to know: Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

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Are you heading out on your Sales and Operations Planning journey or have you already embarked on it? This ressource will provide you with lot’s of great content which hopefully can inspire you, to take your Sales and Operations Planning approach to the next level.

1. Getting the journey started

The basics of S&OP
Everyone has probably heard about S&OP, but do you really know what it is? In this blog post we provide you with the basics on S&OP. Read more here.

What value do you get from S&OP?
Like any other business initiative S&OP should be challenged on value impact. In this blogpost we would like to provide you with some insights. Read more here.

Digitalizing the S&OP process untaps further potential
The digitalized version of the S&OP process is recognized to further increase forecast accuracy, as well as reduced inventory investment and stable/increased service level. Read more here.

The myths and realities of Sales and Operations Planning
Chekcout this webinar which is a dynamic discussion of what S&OP is and is not. Listen or watch it here.

2. The details

Bring strategy back into S&OP
It is time to bring strategy back into S&OP. But how? Learn more in this webinar.

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