Supply Chain AI Kit

Supply Chain AI Kit to create business value and competitive advantages

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At Optilon we believe, that the next generation of Supply Chain competitive advantages will come from Artificial Intelligence (AI). We believe that it is necessary to have a platform that automates and empowers organizations to embrace the AI journey on their own. Optilons AI solutions are designed to solve existing Supply Chain challenges without the need for deep experience or knowledge of AI. Therefore, we have collated this Supply Chain AI Kit to get companies started on their AI journey.

Getting started with the journey
Many companies are still struggling to get the journey started. To get you off for a good start you might want to have a look at the whitepaper we created on AI. You should read the whitepaper if you would like a general understanding of what AI is, how it could benefit your business and how it can be implemented in your Supply Chain.
You can download the whitepaper right here: Turn your Supply Chain into a competitive advantage with AI (whitepaper).

From a business perspective we have in this blogpost highlighted why Supply Chain AI improves competitiveness (blog)

If you want a quick introduction to how to get the journey started then read this blogpost – 5 steps to get started with AI in the Supply Chain (blog)

We have also recorded a session – how to get started with AI in the Supply Chain (webinar) 

Explore your Supply Chain data with AI
If you want to explore more of your data, and you are still uncertain about what kind of business value you would be able to create, then you can find some inspiration in the following webinars.

How can you drive out more value of your data with AI

Utilizing AI to drive insights

Deep Dives – more detailed cases
We have a group of Nordic companies who have already embarked on the journey and with whom we have gathered some experience. We have started sharing that experience and cases in a series of “Deep Dive” webinars.

In this session we explored how companies can get a higher customer satisfaction by using AI to monitor supplier reliability:

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