The Unnecessary Report

The Unnecessary report 2021

John Wikström
Sales & Account Manager Finland

The Unnecessary Report 2021 once again shows and enormous and unutilized potential for Nordic companies – every fifth stock item is unnecessary. More than a fifth of the inventory is unnecessary for Nordic companies, according to a new report released by Optilon. The average company has an untapped potential of EUR 48 million – which could instead be invested in more growth-promoting purposes. The total figure for the Nordic region’s 400 largest companies amounts to EUR 19 billion.

Effective inventory management and optimization can have a major impact on a company’s profitability. Optilon’s newest publication The Unnecessary report 2021 – which has studied 400 different companies across the Nordics show, that 22 percent of the items in stock are unnecessary for the average Nordic company. This means that they have more goods in stock than they need. 

Removing an unnecessary item from the warehouse means not only less tied-up capital, but also less warehouse space, reduced distribution and administration costs and obsolescence. By addressing this and implementing effective inventory management and optimization the average company among the Nordic region’s 400 largest companies will be able to gain around EUR 48 million. Supply Chain has perhaps never been more important. The covid-19 pandemic and the prevailing macroeconomic situation have demonstrated the importance of robust and sustainable supply chains. Having fewer but the right articles in stock gives you more optimization power as a company. You free up capital at the same time as you reduce costs and increase your revenue.

Effective inventory management is an underestimated success factor. It is one of the single biggest measures you can take as a company to maximize your competitiveness. It simply ensures that the resources are used in the right way and where they generate the most value.

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